The Superfood Diary Pt. 1

When we talk about living healthy lifestyles we cannot NOT talk about plant-based foods.

The foods that God put here on earth were intentionally created to provide us nutrients, PREVENT diseases, and give us the energy needed to fulfill our purpose. Healthy eating is not just something we should talk about when we get sick or overweight, it’s a discussion that needs to be had everyday. That is because:

  1. Taking care of our bodies is an act of worship- God wants us to be healthy!
  2. Nutrient-rich foods supply us with the energy needed to carry out our purpose
  3. We must break the cycles of disease, cancer, diabetes, in our families- our short-term habits affect our long-term health.

So no matter what kind of diet you have, lets fuel our bodies with foods that keep us healthy LONG-TERM. If you’re new to this healthy eating journey, GREAT. We can do this together! I’m going to share with you all of my favorite superfoods that keep me full, give me energy, and taste delicious!

This weeks superfoods: Kale, Ginger, & Quinoa



Yes, Kale me up! I talk about my obsession with kale a lot because it’s honestly the best thing ever. If I could encourage anybody to eat one thing a day for optimal health, it would be kale. It’s a great source of calcium, which is especially great for those who don’t consume dairy. Kale is a great source of vitamin A, C, K, and iron! Anytime I feel super sluggish and tired, Kale is always my go-to food. It fuels me with SO much energy and keeps me feeling really full.

Best Way To Eat:

  • Juicing/Smoothies: I love to throw kale, spinach, ginger, banana, avocado, and cucumber into my nutribullet! It’ll really keep ya movin, if you know what I’m saying (:
  • Steam: Whenever I make my kale salads I typically cut my kale, throw it in a pan on medium-high heat, and put a lid over it. The lid traps the heat and creates steam that breaks down the kale so it’s not so tough and bitter. I do this only for about 2-3 minutes, just enough for the kale to become soft but NOT soggy.
  • Bake: Throw some seasoning and olive oil on that kale, put in the oven on 350 degrees, or until the kale becomes slightly crispy. SO yummy!


Okay, now this one you can either love or hate. And I can understand why, it’s spicy and very distinct. But we can NOT deny that ginger is extremely good for our bodies. So I suggest finding a way that you can eat ginger that is most enjoyable. Ginger is a great source of copper, potassium, and can reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. SAY WHAT?! I personally love ginger because I find that it clears my system, helps with digestion, and it helps whenever I experience headaches and nausea.

Best Way To Eat:

  • Juicing/Smoothies: Like I said before, when I make my smoothies I always add fresh ginger root in it. I don’t mind the spicyness, but you can always add more fruit to mask the taste.
  • Tea: Drinking ginger tea before bed can improve digestion and fight inflammation. You can use ginger tea bags, fresh ginger, or ginger powder. *If you use fresh ginger you have to boil the water with the ginger root.
  • Cooking: Anytime that I cook anything Asian inspired like teriyaki, spring rolls, general tso, ramen etc. I always saute fresh ginger and garlic together. It is perfect for any type of Asian dish. *Use a garlic press to minced ginger root or you can use ginger powder.


My first couple of times eating quinoa weren’t all that great, mostly because I ate it by itself. Quinoa is one of those foods that takes on the flavor of other ingredients, so eating it by itself can be pretty bland. But, it really shines when mixed in salads, beans, soups, and buddha bowls. Quinoa contains 3x more iron than brown rice, helping your body produce healthy red blood cells. It’s also high in manganese- which is essential in keeping your blood, brain, and nerves healthy. Some studies suggest that Quinoa can help control blood sugar levels! Amazing!

Best Way To Eat:

  • Salads/Bowls: Add cooked quinoa to your favorite salad or bowl! I love it with my fave Kale Salad. Check out recipe here
  • Burger Patties: Occasionally I add cooked quinoa to my black bean burger mix. It adds an extra layer of texture and more nutrients!
  • Soups: I don’t make a whole lot of soup, but my best friend Kayla once made a kale and quinoa soup that was delicious!
  • ***Cook by combining 1 cup quinoa & 2 cups water. Bring to a boil, then bring back down to simmer, cover with lid and let cook until all water is absorbed (About 15-20 minutes) *Secret tip season the water with your favorite seasonings + salt. The quinoa will absorb the seasoned water adding extra flavor!!

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