My Top 5 Kitchen Must-Haves

Ready to Step-Up Your Kitchen Game?

When I first started learning how to cook and bake I immediately started browsing various cooking store websites like William Sonoma, Cooks Warehouse, and of course, Amazon. In my excitement, I wanted to start buying everything. From garlic mincers, to the best mixing bowls, to random items like an avocado slicer (you know I love my avocado toast!).

However, never cooking much before, I didn’t know exactly where to start, or what I actually would need. But now that I’ve spent more time refining my kitchen skills, I’ve been able to slowly grow my kitchen tool collection AND figure out what things were a MUST. So today I’m sharing five of my must-have kitchen items that I cannot imagine being without!

  1. Pyrex Bowls

When my grandma got these for me for Christmas I had no idea that they would become so crucial to my cooking and baking process. I love these Pyrex bowls because they are refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Not only are they great for baking, but the lids also make it easy to cook large servings of salad or pasta, and directly place them in the fridge, eliminating the need for extra Tupperware. Sometimes I even use the small ones for lunch instead of using Tupperware!

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  1. Garlic Press

This is another one of my kitchen must-haves that I lived without for TOO long. Whenever I needed to use minced garlic in a recipe I would just chop cloves of garlic as finely as I could. Then I got a garlic mincer and it changed my life. No more garlic fingers, no more needless chopping, and no more uneven minced garlic.

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  1. Food processor

This is probably my FAVORITE kitchen item I own right now. The one that I own has multiple different functions, it can chop, puree, cut, slice, knead, and emulsify. Besides some of the most obvious things you can make, such as salsa and hummus, I also use it to make smoothie bowls, grade carrots, grind/chop pecans, and make almond butter. The food processor that I own is a bit more pricey because it has so many attachments, but you can purchase a basic one for under $30.

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  1. Nutribullet

I’m not quite sure what I would do without my Nutribullet. On a day to day, I use it to make celery juice, protein smoothies, and detox smoothies. BUT, before I got my food processor I would use it to make almond butter, grind coffee beans, and make sauces. My favorite thing about my Nutribullet is how quickly I can whip up a smoothie, bring it on the go, with almost no mess.

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  1. Chefs knife

When writing this I was unsure whether or not to include this one, because I assumed most people owned a chef’s knife. But then I realized that may not be true. And although you may own a chef’s knife, you may not even realize how crucial it is. Chef knives are one of the most versatile types of knives. It can be used to dice and mince vegetables, slice herbs, and chop nuts. Some would argue that the chef’s knife is the single most important kitchen tool!

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