Loving Your Skin: WITHOUT Conditions

Not Your Average Beauty Blogger

Let me start by saying, I’m NO beauty expert, I don’t have a killer skin care routine, and It’s not something that really gets me excited. If I’m being completely transparent, skin care, used to be (and sometimes still is) a more sensitive subject for me. But, I can’t avoid talking about a subject JUST because I feel like I’m not a master in it. On the contrary, my frustration with the beauty world, can be an encouragement to somebody who may be feeling “not so great” in an area of their life. This is mine. 

My Journey to “Flawless” Skin
Since high school I’ve struggled on and off with both acne and acne scarring. It’s been a real up and down journey, that has caused me to go through seasons where I don’t feel confident and beautiful in my own skin. I’ve had times where my skin was super clear, mostly due to being on heavy antibiotics, birth control, and medicated face creams, courtesy of dermatologist. And then times where my skin is breaking out every single day. Recently, in the last year, after deciding I wanted to clear my skin naturally (no prescriptions or birth control), I developed cystic acne (aka hormonal acne). Since then it’s been a more than frustrating journey trying to clear my skin naturally AND learning to love my skin without conditions. But in a world filled with IG models, celebrities, and “expert” influencers, sometimes the journey of self-love often results in us comparing ourselves to what the “standard of beauty” looks like. 

Why the Beauty Industry is Discouraging 
In the midst of my emotional skincare journey I’ve struggled to find a skincare routine that works best for me. I see so many people on social media talking about their skin care routine, and all I see is them highlighting a million different products, not really understanding what each one is for. I often times find myself, trying to find new products for my skin, but feel overwhelmed by the influencers and blog articles that recommend 10-15 different products from different brands, that ARE NOT affordable. I’m sorry, but I am a college student, I’m not spending $60 on a serum. That’s just not something I can maintain. So in my search, I get very disheartened that the beauty industry has now started this “skin care routine” movement, that tells women in order to have great skin you have to CONSISTENTLY spend $200+ on skin care products. Needless to say, I often find myself asking “will I ever have perfect skin?”, “will I ever be able to not wear makeup and feel JUST as beautiful?”, “will this be apart of who I am forever?”

My Stamp On Beauty
Right now, I still haven’t fully figured out how to clear my skin. I still don’t have a “killer skin care routine”. And I still have days where I feel very discouraged by my skin. BUT,  although my skincare journey has been FULL of ups and downs, it has taught me so much about LOVING myself. I’ve realized that as women, we always talk about loving ourselves, but WITH contingencies. Can we learn to love ourselves during a season of skin breakouts? Can we learn to love ourselves when are bodies aren’t always poppin? Can we learn to love ourselves when our hair isn’t perfect? The answer is, and always should be YES! So my stand on beauty isn’t about what products I use or what my skincare routine is like, it’s all about loving my skin at every stage. I know that my skin won’t be like this forever, and I will not stop working on clearing my skin, but in the process I WILL love myself completely and unreservedly. Without conditions.

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