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Why I Became Vegan and How It’s Changed My Life

Right now I am currently taking a culinary course at Georgia State University and I’m literally obsessed with it. I’m learning so much about food, knives skills, recipes, and so many important essential cooking knowledge. One week we learned how to make mac & cheese another week we learned how to make spanakopita, so clearly the course is not plant-based. So one of the best parts about the class (I can imagine) is getting to eat all of the food we cook.

As we sit at the table, I just watch everybody eat their food in excitement because I LOVE to see people connect over food. At some point people begin to notice that I am not eating with them so they begin to question me. Which I expect because what type of person doesn’t want to eat homemade quiche in class, I mean common now?! I try not to make a big deal of it, but I just tell them that I’m vegan and the responses that I get are so funny to me. “Oh man, that must suck”, “wow that’s crazy”, and the best “oh you must hate this class.” And very confidently I respond with a casual “no, I choose to be vegan and I love it.” And that’s the honest truth. Living a plant-based life is a choice that I made and one that I’m so incredibly proud of.

June, Summer of 2017, I went to San Diego and was eating like nobody’s business. I was living my best life, eating In-n-Out burger (which I had not had since I moved to Georgia in 2009), eating the best Mexican food, and of course Round Table pizza (another Cali fav I had not had in years). Sounds great right? Except for the fact that I felt absolutely MISERABLE. I had the lowest energy levels, I was sluggish, my body was not looking that great, and overall I was not happy. I remember coming back from California feeling horrible. But that still wasn’t what pushed me over the edge.

The day after I got back to Atlanta, my best friend Carrington and I made chicken parmesan and garlic bread. And we ate SO MUCH. I remember feeling so incredibly disgusting that night. The next morning the feeling just carried over to the next day, but we still decided to get donuts (sheesh Maleah). When we came back to my dorm Carrington asked me what I wanted to watch on Netflix and I said “whatever, I don’t care.” And all of a sudden I was watching the infamous documentary What The Health. And that was it for me. That was the day that I quit eating meat and started my vegan transition.

I said goodbye to the life I was stuck in and said hello to a more confident me. I do want to say that I never intended on not eating meat permanently. I just wanted to experiment and try something new. For as long as I could remember I felt like I was under the control of processed foods. And everything I tried never seemed to stick, the diets came and they went. I felt like I was going to have an unhealthy relationship with food for my entire life. The thought of being vegan NEVER even entered my mind. But, I think it’s important to be open and try different ways of eating in order to figure out what works best for your body. And lo and behold veganism turned out to be what my body loved.

I never thought that this journey would take me to where I am now. Through my unhealthy journey with food, I found a deep passion for plant-based cooking and food education. I am completely in love with all of the foods that come from this earth and I hope I can show people that being vegan doesn’t have to be boring. I don’t always eat salads and no, I’m not always hungry…

I honestly, feel the most free, confident, and happy I’ve ever felt in my life. I truly believe that happiness comes from the INSIDE-OUT. How can you put bad foods into your body and expect your mind, attitude, and body to feel good? It’s impossible. So with this blog, my goal is not to try to convert everybody to become vegan. I get that not everything is for everybody. BUT, I do hope to inspire every single person to make their health a priority. It doesn’t have to be hard, it doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t have to be boring. It can be as beautiful, rewarding, and as full of life as you make it.

I truly believe that every person deserves to feel beautiful, be confident, and be TRULY happy. And those things only come from a healthy mind, body, and spirit!

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