Celery Juice: What’s the Hype All About?!

Celery Juice Is The New Black

So many people are wondering, what really is the hype with celery juice these days? Everybody is drinking it, promoting it, and hyping it up. I had seen a few influencers and celebrities talk about the amazing results they saw from drinking celery juice, but that wasn’t really convincing enough for me to try it. Mostly because I really don’t LOVE celery. However, over the last eight months I’ve struggled with cystic/hormonal acne, and upon doing my (constant) research about it, celery juice came up. I started digging deeper and finding people who had amazing results with their cystic acne just through drinking celery juice. And throughout my skin journey, it’s been really important that I clear my skin NATURALLY. So I thought, you know what? Let me give this celery juice thing a go!

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The Superfood Diary Pt. 1

When we talk about living healthy lifestyles we cannot NOT talk about plant-based foods.

The foods that God put here on earth were intentionally created to provide us nutrients, PREVENT diseases, and give us the energy needed to fulfill our purpose. Healthy eating is not just something we should talk about when we get sick or overweight, it’s a discussion that needs to be had everyday. That is because:

  1. Taking care of our bodies is an act of worship- God wants us to be healthy!
  2. Nutrient-rich foods supply us with the energy needed to carry out our purpose
  3. We must break the cycles of disease, cancer, diabetes, in our families- our short-term habits affect our long-term health.

So no matter what kind of diet you have, lets fuel our bodies with foods that keep us healthy LONG-TERM. If you’re new to this healthy eating journey, GREAT. We can do this together! I’m going to share with you all of my favorite superfoods that keep me full, give me energy, and taste delicious!

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Developing A Powerful Morning Routine

You guys, when I tell you there is nothing like having a morning routine I truly mean it. Towards the end of 2017, I started to realize that positive morning routines have power. They have the power to transform not just your day, but your entire life. As my self-awareness began to grow overtime, I started to notice that the very first thing I thought about in the morning was an overwhelming to-do list of things that needed to be done. And some days, I would wake up feeling like I couldn’t even manage my own feelings and racing thoughts. As soon as I opened my eyes, anxiety, comparison, hustle, checklists, and stress would come upon me. And once it was there, it was hard to turn it off until bed that night, only to return first thing in the morning. The cycle continued. Until, I decided that my mornings were going to be peaceful and relaxing. I started to develop a routine that made me feel good inside and out every morning. Now I will say that in the beginning, it will take some getting used too. It’s a discipline that you must work toward. Breaking old habits and creating new ones, does take time. But I challenge you, for at least 21-days, to spend the first 30-45 minutes of your day in quiet, peace, and positivity. Win the day, demand peace, and take back your confidence!

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