Maleah Flaggs
Blogger | Creative | Entrepreneur 

Hi! I’m Maleah Flaggs, the creator and content developer for M. is for Masterpiece. I want to welcome you to my life with open arms and freedom to be who you are. A little over one year ago, I was a 20 year old girl struggling to find passion & purpose in life. I was lost, insecure, and totally unsure of who I was in this hustling world. I didn’t know where I wanted to go or where I would end up. One thing I did know was that I was a true young millennial, that valued passion, purpose, & happiness over money, status, or material things. Although many people did not always understand me, I always knew that I had big dreams to inspire the world. Knowing this, I pushed myself to create a space where I could be who I am, while also inspiring people like myself. Millennials, creatives, and inspiring entrepreneurs who are just trying to figure life out.

Through creating M. is for Masterpiece I’ve gone through so many ups and downs, always asking myself the same question, what is my purpose? Through all the tears, confusion, and searching, the only thing that I’ve ever found true purpose in is God. In Him, I realized that my purpose was simple: to serve Him, inspire others, and make a difference. I’m incredibly thankful that God showed me the deep passion I had for food & healthy eating. After becoming plant-based in 2017, I began to fall in love with vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole-grains etc. All of these naturally amazing foods that made me feel great on the inside, which then reflected true happiness on the outside. After being stuck in an unhealthy relationship with food my entire life, I began to realize that there were so many other people in the world struggling in the same way. So through my blog, my goal is to inspire & teach others the importance of healthy eating, self-care, mental health, and the word of God. I NEVER thought that I would find myself running a blog, so I can’t lie and say I’m not scared. But I’m excited to go on this unexpected journey with you all. The journey to finding your true inner masterpiece!

I am a California born girl, now residing in the heart of downtown Atlanta. On any given day you can catch me in my kitchen, creating delicious plant-based recipes, spending time with God, or hanging out with my amazing family & friends. I am a college student at Georgia State University, taking life step by step. I love journaling, reading, long talks, traveling, relaxing baths, and binge watching any show on Food Network!